Stop hair fall, dandruff within two weeks/ natural home remedies /hair growth pack /tamil



Hai. friends today I have upload the video for scalp strengthening hair pack. it’s most important for our hair and scalp.In this hair pack reduce dandruff, scalp itching, fungs and promote hair growth.. I used homemade ingredients in this pack.
1. 🌿Mint
2. Lemon 1/2
3. Amla 3-4
Mint and Lemon reduce dandruff, Remove fungal infection Then, Amla contain more than vitamin C. it’s Promote your hair growth.
How to use
first wash amla and mint leaves. mix grind paste. Then, add half lemon in this paste.. Last filter it well.. Now, you apply this all over scalp. finally gentle massage in your scalp. weekly once use this simple hair pack.. I hope you like this video..

Thank you for watching 🌹🌹🌹

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50 thoughts on “Stop hair fall, dandruff within two weeks/ natural home remedies /hair growth pack /tamil”
  1. My son age is 7 now. Two months back he got one Grey hair. But now it becomes 3. How to avoid Grey hair in young age.

  2. Indha pack Ku aprom hair wash pananum nu sonenga… shampoo potu than wash pananum ah.. summa wash panina ena ka agum..akka please nenga endha shampoo use pandrenga ka sollunga

  3. Akka ethavathu onnu thane akka crt ha follow panna mudium eathunu sollunga akka neenga neriya poduringa ethavathu onnu thane regular ha use panna results irukum maathi maathi use panna epdi ka

  4. Akka na neenga sonna pudina + amla+ lemon hair pack use panlama illa onion +curry leaves juce hair pack use panlama please neenga yenakku kandippa reply pannunga akka ple🙏🙏🙏 yenna yenakku rombo confused da irukku akka neenga sonnathu use panlama illa onion and curry leaves use panlama nu rombo confuse sa irukku neenga konjo sollunga ak please 🙏🙏

  5. Akka I'm your new subscriber and next akka ippo neenga sonna intha hair pack weekly 1ce or twice proper ra 1 month use panna mudi கொற்றது நிக்குமா kandippa and then next vanthu yenakku oru doubt 🙄 onion + curry leaves juce hair fall la fast ta nikka vaikkuma meena akka please yenakkaga reply pannunga akka 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️ please akka 😭😭

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