Vocal Coach Reacts GLEE - Cough Syrup | WOW! He was...

Check out this Vocal Coach Reacts GLEE – Cough Syrup! Watch and learn to sing like Blaine Andersonl as this singing teacher breaks down the vocal styles and techniques of Darren Criss performance of this Young The Giant cover from the hit Ryan Murphy musical TV show.
Now let’s sing something! La La La!

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45 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reacts GLEE – Cough Syrup | WOW! He was…”
  1. Short explanation for the guy from the scene: His name is Dave Karofsky and in the first season(s?) he bullied Kurt heavily, because Kurt was openly gay, while he was still very closeted and in denial. After Kurt stood up to him once (in private) with all the emotions going crazy instead of punching Kurt or whatever, Dave kissed him. Over time the bullying got less and Blaine and Kurt tried to help Dave come out. He transferred schools and was still in the closet, but when he went on a date on Valentine's Day with Kurt (or at least tried to), he was seen by a classmate and outed, then the scene from the song happens. But he is found by his parents or smth, at least he survives

  2. This song is always so hard to listen to for me now, because I'll always have the montage of what the show was showing in the back of my mind. And especially because it's so heartrending and heartfelt and the emotion of the scene is in Darren's singing, as well. It's an amazing rendition of the song.

  3. I think you forgot to put the important suicide prevention info in the description. Otherwise this song is lovely but so hard to watched. When you have more context it may make you feel more one way or another.

  4. If I’m not mistaken his character use to bully Kurt about being Gay, but it turned out that character was too (sorry I forgot his characters name.)

  5. Yeah Sameer Gadhia has this kind of broken body look when he sings, different to Darren Criss but in the same broken emotional posture. Would 100% recommend the original by young the giant they are one of my favourite bands and have lots of stand out songs you’d have no problem assessing. “Teacher” “camera” “mind over matter” “superposition” and they regularly release raw reprise versions of their songs (see “mind over matter” in a cave haha).

  6. Love this song, both Glee version & the orginal version by 'Young the Giant'. The original is very polished, so it sounds very similar to the original version. Thank you for reacting.
    (My heart goes out to Chris and his family)

  7. I'm unable to watch this video, but I tried. I lasted about a measure before I started tearing up. Probably the single most crippling, heartbreaking scene in Glee. Just sitting here thinking about it is getting me weepy.

  8. I…I…really? Did you want him to growl or something? Obviously that’s not what the director/producers wanted so Darren showed his anguish in his performance. But my fault for watching.

  9. Karofsky's storyline is one of glee's peak highlights and Cough Syrup is easily one if not the greatest glee performance ever. Season 3 is the best season for sure

  10. Darren always performs with his body, it was not an exception for this performance, in fact this's his trademark and this song is rarely out of the setlist at his shows. His vocals are absolutely phenomenal and he always dominates the stage when he's performing. He deserves more recognition for sure.

  11. generally speaking Glee tends to prefer guys with soft voices vs girls with powerful and grittier voices.
    They also do tend to polish the singers a bit much which ends up with a lot of songs sung by guys to be without any kind of grit and kinda lackluster

  12. This was definitely one of those moments when Glee knocked it out of the park. The perfect song, singer and scene combo just… sure this show had problems but when it was great, it was truly great

  13. That intro slide 💔❤

    (Somehow, despite being a huge Darren fan for like 12 years at this point, I just stumbled upon the news about Chuck today, and have been really really gutted about it all day. I even saw this video a few days ago, too, and somehow managed to totally miss that first piece. But yes, rest in peace, Chuck, and sending all the love and light I can to Darren, Mama Criss, and all his other loved ones <3 Depression really, REALLY freaking sucks 😔)

  14. New here from recommended, David Karofsky is the bully of Kurt and is now in the same boat at his school he recently transferred cause he bulled and threated Kurt, and now at his new school Dave is being targeted cause he is a closeted gay guy. This was such a great song for Blaine/Darren to sing too

  15. please please please react to suddenly seymour 🙂 lea and darren sang it on glee and it’s really good! darren sang live at the start of the song too!

  16. I was lucky to see Darren perform this live and was sitting front row right in front of him. I thought he was going to have a stroke. It was amazing!

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