Simple home remedies for dry skin | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Winter season calls for a dry skin condition, here are some DIY remedies by Dr. Hansaji that you can easily do at home for healthy skin.

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46 thoughts on “Simple home remedies for dry skin | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra”
  1. Mam when i wash my face in the mornong its feels dry aftrr a while, then i apply my cream nd after 3-4 hrs fave becomes oily. What kind of skin type i have plz help, bcz i could not even apply sunscreen as it become more oily and dull

  2. Hello everyone I'm here with Joy in My heart to say a very big thank you to Dr okosun on YouTube, a herbalist From Africa for curing me permanently from Hsv1&2 with herbal supplements..

  3. Thanks for the information Dr. Hansaji. How do I resolve the dry skin on the fingers because I use many cream and oil but not working. The oil I use before is coconut oil but still not good.

  4. I promptly tried out this eczema plan, Kamlo Nozion Weebly, (please do Go ogle) for about a month, remarkably, the illness never ever returned for several years.

  5. Thanks mam for sharing your valuable thoughts. I have also very dry skin and i am using Planet Ayurveda's Kumkumadi oil for my healthy skin. it acts as moisturizer and toner at the same time. I saw many benefits of this single product. Recommending to all

  6. I’m 29 and my skin is so dry…. I’ve got ugly lines in my face! Anyone has treated this? I use oils, do breathing exercises, eating healthy. I’ve stressed much but it’s better now.

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