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TransMedics’ proprietary Organ Care System (OCS) is the first commercial and portable warm blood perfusion organ transport system. With the OCS, doctors are able to perform “living organ transplants,” where organs are kept warm and functioning in a controlled environment from the time they are recovered to the moment they are placed in the recipient’s body.

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  1. i made sure my dad opted out cause in the uk there is a certain deadline to get off the organ donation list and if you dont leave it you are on the list.I'm scared of it he could die..those who do donate are amazing. How am i supposed to be a docter if i am scared of my dad donating organs and i also have asthma.😣😣😞😞😢😢😓😥😢😥

  2. Hi everyone, I’m Hudson, Vicki’s son. My mom unfortunately passed away the following June. We were really hoping for the best, but it wasn’t meant to be.

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