How to Reduce Double Chin with Yoga | Home Remedies to Reduce Double Chin | Healthy Tips

5 super effective stretches to get rid of double chin very soon. Inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have led to the problem of fat accumulations leading to double chin.

Practice these daily and share your progress and experience with us in the comments below. Do share this valuable information so that many can benefit from this. Let us together make the world a better place to live in. Thank you!

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50 thoughts on “How to Reduce Double Chin with Yoga | Home Remedies to Reduce Double Chin | Healthy Tips”
  1. Did you enjoy the video? These 5 powerful stretches will target the double chin area and help you get a chiseled jawline in no time. We would love to hear your experience after practicing these stretches regularly. Help us reach out to many more people so we can all inspire each other!

  2. Hi mam.. I have been asking for butt reducing asanas.. please upload the same and pregnancy asanas to maintain weight.. thank you

  3. 1. Smile wide (hold the stretch for 5 seconds) do it 5 times
    2. Neck rolls / Shukshma vyayama 2:00
    3. Jaw lift (5-10 seconds) 3:05
    Or try to do kissing movement (2-3 times)
    4. Simha asana (4:33)
    5. Fish face (do 5 rounds of 30 seconds each) 5:25

  4. the only way to loose double chin is to loose fat and get leaner overall…. and for that you need only one thing, which is a caloric deficit… there is no exercise for fat loss or spot reduction…. please logon ko bwakoof banana band kijiye…

  5. Namaskar Madam.. I have the problem of "Loss of cervical lordosis" left side of my shoulder and neck pain a lot and more burning sensation. So please suggest some exercises for this problem

  6. Thank you so much for this informative video.
    May I request you to make one on how to improve the quality of our voice?

    Namaskaar 🙏

  7. I thoroughly enjoy all videos and information from TYI. Many blessings for sharing this wealth of knowledge. Natural solutions are always best.

    God bless the entire team.

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