How Long Are You Contagious with COVID-19? | UC San Diego Health

How Long Are You Contagious with COVID-19? | UC San Diego Health

How long is COVID19 contagious? And what should you do if you think you’ve been exposed? In this video, learn more about the CDC recommendations on self-isolation following possible COVID-19 exposure or symptoms.

All patients should follow their doctor’s recommendations for accessing care and leaving isolation. If you feel sick, unless it’s an emergency, try to call ahead so the doctor can direct you to the right place for care and possible testing.

This video was filmed on April 16, 2020. As doctors and scientists work quickly to figure out the best ways to fight COVID19, this information may become out of date. For the most up to date information and recommendations, please visit the CDC’s website,

UC San Diego Health was the first health system in the region to treat patients with COVID-19. Like hospital systems elsewhere, we have seen an increase in patients who are in need of specialized care during the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic. We are caring for these patients at our Hillcrest and La Jolla locations in San Diego County and are well-prepared to treat more as needed. And we are embracing new ways, including telehealth, to continue seeing our other patients to keep them healthy. Get updates for UC San Diego Health patients and visitors here:

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