How Does Lung Transplant Works? | Human Lungs Transplant (Urdu/Hindi)

A lung transplant is a surgical procedure to replace a diseased or failing lung with a healthy lung, usually from a deceased donor. A lung transplant is reserved for people who have tried other medications or treatments, but their conditions haven’t sufficiently improved.

Depending on your medical condition, a lung transplant may involve replacing one of your lungs or both of them. In some situations, the lungs may be transplanted along with a donor heart.

While a lung transplant is a major operation that can involve many complications, it can greatly improve your health and quality of life.

When faced with a decision about having a lung transplant, know what to expect of the lung transplant process, the surgery itself, potential risks and follow-up care.
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Working Of Human Lungs:

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26 thoughts on “How Does Lung Transplant Works? | Human Lungs Transplant (Urdu/Hindi)”
  1. I like to watch ur video's, bt I don't understand d language u are using, why won't be using universal language either Arabic , English or French especially English, tnx alot from ur bro in Islam a young Biochemist frm Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria

  2. Mery czn ke lungs khrb the uski ahe 16 years ha to meri dusri yani uski sister ne apni brother ko apna lungs de diya sis ke age 19 years ha shifa hospital 🏥 islmabd ma ye oprtn howa unka abhi tak I.c.u ma ha donu or 50lac se zeyada khrcha howa ha is pe

  3. Actually we mst not do body any part transplant Donation we mst find some alternative method other than trans planning frm other body transplant will lead to Bussiness and crime

  4. Acute rejection can b caused by white blood cells attacking the kidney ('cellular' or 'T cell mediated rejection'), or it may be caused by antibodies against the kidney. Antibody mediated rejection often requires stronger treatment. It is not common to loose a kidney frm acute rejection it can be treated.

  5. How much it cost for a lung transplant ? Is it available in India ? I have lost my brother due to pulmonary embolism or Lung failure in 2020.

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