Health & Fitness || 5 Minute Yoga for Flat Stomach

Everyone wants to look great but to get there you shouldn’t have to starve yourself or go through unnecessary stress. Here are some ways to achieve a flat stomach by making minor lifestyle changes and practicing a few simple asanas.

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35 thoughts on “Health & Fitness || 5 Minute Yoga for Flat Stomach”
  1. Her Word's r Real kind of Happiness healthyness and Greatness

    Important Note-Note down the yogasanas which will Help You to Reduce Belly Fat ❤
    God Bless You Mam
    Thank You for Your Advices

  2. When I feel low, I just come here, see you, hear you. I get all the good n positive vibes. My all the hopes are just boosted up like anything ..❤️🥰 God bless you 🥰😘

  3. With due respect, there is no logic in saying these 5 Asanas will give flat belly. Can the team of this institute explain why only these 5 Asanas are choosen ? If any other set of other 5 Asanas would not help ? The video presented as if these 5 particular Asanas done regularly will get rid of belly fat which is absolutely wrong. Yes diet is mentioned but presenting 5 particular Asanas as remedy for flat belly is misleading.

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