Finding Balance: Nutrition Tools & Tips to Maximize Your Health and Fitness

NYU Langone senior clinical nutritionist, registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, and sports health expert Samantha Heller shares creative and practical tips on how to keep your health on track in these challenging times.

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12 thoughts on “Finding Balance: Nutrition Tools & Tips to Maximize Your Health and Fitness”
  1. Thank you for this very informative teaching! I am 72 and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes it can be so confusing to listen to different doctors with different opinions . This pretty much cuts to the chase. I’m feeling energized after listening to you! I have listened to you on Dr Radio and happy to have found you on YouTube ❗️

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  5. I am taking whey protein 3X a day in my gastrol peg with the liquid diet that my nutritionist has me pumping into my stomach. I crash less than an hour after eating . They do blood tests and tell me I'm getting a nutritionally balanced diet but I think I'm missing something to be flat tired all the time. I do have anaemia along with muscular dystrophy. Any suggestions?

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