Ear infection home remedies (plus treatments)

What causes ear infections? How to get rid of an ear infection?

If you feel you are struggling with ear infections, this video has some useful information on ear infection remedies and ear infection treatments.

You may have a middle ear infection, an outer ear infection or an inner ear infection.

Some symptoms of ear infections include:
– earache
– slight hearing loss
– a sense of fullness in the ear
– a temperature
– nausea
– sometimes there can be drainage of pus from the ear

IMPORTANT: Avoid putting oil drops, ear drops, or cotton buds in your toddler’s ear unless advised to do so by a doctor.

You can learn more about the types, causes, symptoms and treatments for ear infections in our in-depth health guide here:

If these home remedies for ear infections do not help to ease your discomfort, you can consult with a doctor by booking an appointment with a GP at

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25 thoughts on “Ear infection home remedies (plus treatments)”
  1. I was seriously diagnosed with HIV for 4years after I meant with Dr osaba on YouTube, after I use his herbal medicine I was cured completely, their is a cure for all kinds of sickness and infection if only you believe you will be cured their is nothing God can not do

  2. Every cure this doc is telling you its waste of time. I had very severe ear pain which would get worse at night. I tried everything from Olive oil et et but nothing worked. I went back to my doc, he prescribed me with !!!!!!OTOMIZE EAR SPRAY!!!!
    The moment I put it in my ear and sprayed it, my god I felt a relief that night I never had pain again. It works like magic everything but unfortunately you can't buy it over counter, you have to see a doc first and get it with prescription.

  3. I just don't understand why we can't cure our ear infections all by ourselves without the help of a doctor, so expensive to have to do it that way. The ear infection that I am starting to believe that I have is in the inner part of the ear, close to the ear drum in the ear canal like he said. I tried everything from over the counter ear drops, sweet oil, peroxide, haven't tried a heating pad yet but the peroxide is really starting to disappoint me because even though it minimized some of the pain, it didn't seem to take care of the remainder. Now I feel like I am gonna be visiting a walk-in clinic, like it or not. Because for it to only be hurting in that small area, I believe that is why it hurts so much. If it takes antibiotics to completely eliminate ALL of my pain, then so be it! Because I am a total wimp who doesn't like ear infection pain.

  4. I bought a ear drop it doesn't work what is the best way to heal ear infection it's already 8 days now it fu**king hurts I'm crying I can't sleep well I can sleep but at 3 am and I woke up in 7am it hurts so much please help me I'm scared to say it to my parents

  5. I have allergies and my ear REALLY hurts I have really bad allergies around this time of year my ears just get really stopped up and I have to sleep on it to make it feel bettet

  6. If I’m going to get a doctors approval for garlic or oils why do I need to come on here When I can go to a doctor and get a regular prescription

  7. Useful video but the advice about seeing a Doctor? That will mean I have to enrol, etc but they said its a long process here to enrol in Wellington 🙄 #Miss my usual Local Doctors in Auckland! Even though its a long wait in our ghetto Doctors 🤣 but at least I got to see a Doctor lol!

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  9. For those who clicked on this video because you are in excruciating pain, I feel for you. I can’t even explain the pain I was in, please just find an urgent care and just go, it will not go away without antibiotics. I had thought I can just get rid of it with home remedies but I literally forced myself to sleep to forget about the pain. You will get through this unbearable pain 😭🙏

  10. Does anyone have a like buzzing kinda noise in there ear? I’ve had mine for 3 days and im using a antibiotic ear drop stuff but it’s not really going away

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