Breathing Exercise द्वारा " Lung बनाएं Young " और Oxygen की कमी को घटाएं

Few exercises and tests that you can do at home. These exercises would help in detecting & reducing lung involvement with the corona infection.


By Medanta

49 thoughts on “Breathing Exercise द्वारा " Lung बनाएं Young " और Oxygen की कमी को घटाएं”
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  2. डाक्टर मुझे कोविड़ हुआ था।मे एक वीक फोटिस एस्काड मे ओक्सिजन पर रही।अब मे दोनो ल्ंस में बाहर की तरफ सुजन हे जो बाहर से भी दिखती हे उस मे मुझे पीठ टिकाने पर बहुत दर्द होता हे ओर पीट के बल लेटने पर भी क्या यह ठीक हे प्लीस रिप्लाई ।🙏🤲🤲🤲

  3. Excellent description 👌regarding corona ….this make me understand what is corona …actually my mother suffered this disease and unfortunately she's….😭
    My mother admitted in d hospital for 3days …because of pneumonia…and discharged..but after 4-5 days she's not feeling well …again she was admitted for Long 26 days saturation not more than 88 ..and 27 th day she…
    Plz explain what happened to her

  4. Normal people using chemical in daily routine life, contaminated water, vehicle pollution, fertilizer, drainge water into river, etc. Stop this virus nonsense. No any human being like as docter will help you because drinking water has been made slow poison.

  5. Merko may me corona huwata usme merko saans lena mushkil hogayata..1 week hospital me te sab tik hogayata…merko corona hoke 7 month hogaya par merko Abe b khanse kam nai huwa hai.:.merko kaaf barta hai bahoth dr ko dekai par kam nai wa

  6. Agar main hospital nahin jata, to main aaj nahin hota. CT scan se hi mukherjee pata chala. Maine yeh sub nahin kiya. Thank God.

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