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A Vetiver-based Skin Care Product With Glowing Results | Natural Remedies for Soft Skin

A Vetiver-based Skin Care Product With Glowing Results | Natural Remedies for Soft Skin

Video showing the health benefits of Vetiver.
Dr T L Xavier suggests the natural remedies for soft skin.
Ramacham or Vetiver is a best glowing skin home remedy.
Vetiver is not only used as skin care tips. But it has got wide range of applications in Ayurveda Medicines and treatment.
Vetiver Zizanioides
Sanskrit Name is Usheeram

Ayurvedic Properties are It is of Sheetha Veerya
Madhura Thaikta Rasam

It helps to Pacify the Pitha Dosha
Purifies the blood.
Vetiver got Anti Toxic effects.
It is diuretic and anti Inflammatory in nature.
Helps to Subside Blood Pressure Burning Micturition Short temperament and bleeding piles.
It can be used in Sun strokes Skin diseases also.
It can be used to prepare drinking water which helps for cooling the body.
Vetiver make a paste with water and apply all over the body which can be useful in cases of Hot flashes during menopause.
Bathing water can be boiled with vetiver roots it helps the body cooling.
The oils extracted from the Vetiver roots can be used on face at night which helps to control the dark circles under eyes and dry skin reddish spots on the face and it will help for Glowing shining smoot the skin like that it can be used as a health and beauty care product too.

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